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University Information Services (Management Information)


There are three sections in the Office Services Team: Service Desk, Desktop Support and Windows Systems Administration.


Service Desk

The Service Desk provides first-line support and assistance to over 1,200 staff who use PCs, Laptops, Blackberries and other systems and services offered through the Administrative Computing Network (ACN).

The Service Desk deals daily with many different enquiries from many sources and co-ordinates the response of the support areas to them through the careful implementation of the helpdesk call management system, raising calls as necessary and assigning them as appropriate. In addition, the Service Desk provides a broad technical knowledge and therefore as much first-line support advice and expertise as possible to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The Service Desk also participates in purchasing both hardware and software, the registration of users and the accurate provision of their secure access to the ACN systems. The Service Desk also maintains and manages the strict back-up process needed for successful data recovery. In addition they provide a full system management function for the legacy systems


Desktop Support

Involved in the support ACN computer environment, the Desktop Support section provides on-site and remote assistance support to more than 1,200 users of the computers connected to and the systems and services offered on the ACN.

The section relies on a high level of technical ability, to allow for the accurate and rapid resolution of computer-based issues. Such support may cover the varied areas of troubleshooting problems, replacing faulty hardware or software, or offering advice and assistance on appropriate applications and working practice.

The day to day duties of the Desktop Support section necessitates clear communication between staff and departments. This ability to converse clearly, accurately and sensitively with all staff and departments is of paramount importance.


Windows Servers & Projects

Responsible for the desktop environment as a whole, the Windows Servers & Projects section provides system administration support for all the server hardware that is part of the Administrative Computing Network (ACN) and the applications and data that are stored thereon.

With more than sixty servers situated in four dedicated server rooms in three buildings, the Servers & Projects section is involved such varied areas as hardware installation and maintenance, monitoring and upkeep of system resources, the provision of secure data storage, system access and use of required applications, while maintaining system integrity and business continuity for over 1,200 connected staff.

The section also implements the evaluation, building and maintenance of the workstation environment and automation of PC and software rollout to aid the Desktop Support section.

The section also concerns itself the important task of providing adequate 'future-proofing' of the desktop environment to continue to offer excellent service to the staff using systems offered by the ACN. This requires sound strategic planning for both the ongoing replacement cycle of ACN hardware and software, and the investigation, evaluation, trial and implementation of new services. Such planning is in addition to the more usual technical skills of hardware and software installation that are a recurring feature of the Windows Administration section.

Email – Maintenance and Management

Email, calendar and contact information is provided through Microsoft Outlook on the desktop and is accessible remotely and on mobile devices, such as the iPhone and Android smartphones.

UAS Desktop

Quicklinks to useful information and forms, to help you manage your computing environment.

UAS User Registration

User account setup and maintenance


Service Desk

Telephone: 01223 3(32999)
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)